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SizeGenetics Reviews: Can this really give you that extra inch down below?

In a world obsessed with appearances, you can do only so much to make a positive impression with your capabilities on the first go.

Nowadays, there are so many options and alternatives available for altering one’s visage and persona, that it often gets difficult to distinguish the real from a gimmick.

Whether it’s about your face, limbs or even for what is down below, the world has a solution for it all!… Or so it claims to possess.

In recent times, being sexually attractive and powerful in bed seem to be the endgame for all romantic relationships. A man with a huge tool is often like a diamond in the rough. And, if he can make his women see the heavens with multiple orgasms, then, dude, the rest of us have definitely got something to worry about.

But, all hope is never lost! Especially when science has given us penis-extenders!

Yup, you read that right. The market is littered with enhancers and supplements for improving your sexual performance. And, penis-extenders have made their presence felt quite noticeably of late.

But, whether they really make your instrument get bigger in shape and size is the million dollar question for all.

Hi, I’m Jason. I’m a 27-year-old fitness model and gym trainer who has unfortunately faced quite a few difficulties regarding sexual performance.

And, today I’m reviewing a popular male enhancing device: the SizeGenetics penis-extender and sharing my personal experience using the product.

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What is SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics penis extender is a class 1 medical device that works on the principle of traction. It is designed to increase the size and length of the penis over a definite period of time. As a class 1 medical device, it is considered safe for being manufactured using only standard medical grade materials and components.

How does it claim to work?

SizeGenetics has garnered a good reputation owing to its overall design that is known to ensure complete comfort so that you can wear it for longer periods of time and achieve better results. The device also includes a penis exercise regimen for you, and this setup is strategically created to deliver effective enlargement results for you.

It is carefully designed to apply traction to the penis to extend it to a few centimeters in overall length and girth, in both its flaccid and erected states. It claims to deliver around 30% or an increase of 3-7 cm in length and 1.5 cm in diameter in approximately 24 weeks.

One of the special features of the device is its unique MDA or Multi Directional Angling Technology that follows the shape and size of your penis during physical movement. Unlike other penis extenders, it doesn’t force your penis into a single position that causes significant pain and discomfort.

Moreover, it allows you to wear the extender in 16 different ways!

It can be used by anyone between 18 and 70 years of age, without the risk of any negative impact on overall health.

The reason for choosing SizeGenetics

Now the problem with having been in an all boys’ school and welcoming puberty in its premises is that all the “frank” locker room discussions and occasional flashes really do you over. It makes you conscious about your appearance and how big your tool is; worse, when would you get laid and lose it forever.

If this seems to be too much pressure, to add to the predicament, things get even more awkward when you decide to become a fitness model. This means that you have to have the confidence of flaunting your body and those ripped muscles to train and inspire other people.

If you think that being in the position meant all glam and fame, well, it is more about being a nervous wreck, especially around beautiful women, than any of that.

What really got to me in such situations were my own insecurities regarding my sexual life. The fact that I felt I wasn’t well-endowed and felt nervous when it came to sex didn’t help with my confidence to go out there and explore my sexuality.

Moreover, a medical history of juvenile diabetes mellitus type 2 that lead to obesity and a loss of libido were things that I wanted to forget. All of this combined lay at the root of depression and a failure to perform.

My endless internet research that presented a market a littered with male enhancement pills and what not, only attracted me initially. But, like most other things in life they failed to have a long-lasting effect or no effect at all.

It was around this time that I began looking up weird looking penis extenders and pumps of which most of them looked liked torture devices. A part of me didn’t want to try any of them. But the fact that these might visibly work than a male enhancement pill (I have a lot of experience with virility supplements), still gave me hope and the courage to test these out.

My experience using the product

It was around this time that I bought SizeGenetics along with one other device from a different brand. These two had got the maximum positive reviews.

Unfortunately, the other device had to be returned because of a broken part. I didn’t ask for a replacement but decided to test out SizeGenetics.

The package came with:

  • The SizeGenetics Device inside a discreet and elegant black leather case containing a silicon noose, protection pads, elongation bars, Protech Matt Strap, comfort straps, and a latex head grip.
  • Traction Plus Powder
  • Revita Cream
  • Device Wipes
  • Travel Bag
  • Penis Health DVD

I really liked the private and discreet packaging of the product. For the device itself, it may look a bit intimidating, but It’s got all the necessary arrangements for providing you with the utmost comfort.

The instructional DVD makes the steps comprehensible and very easy to follow. As mentioned earlier, you can wear the device in 16 different ways, and figure out what works best for you.

I wore it with the silicon noose secured around the arrangement. I wore it for a couple of hours on the first day, increasing the duration of time over a period of 3 months.

By the end of approximately 6 and a half months or so, I measured my length, and it had increased by an inch and a half in the flaccid state which came up to a little more than that during erection.

So, although it took almost forever, the extender did give me an increase in the length and girth of my penile structure. And, I cannot complain about the device at all. Especially, because this was all gain without even the slightest amount of pain!

How to wear this extender?

Although you get an entire tutorial session if you watch the demonstrative DVD that comes with the device, I have jotted down the essential steps to make the process even easier for you. Take a look:

  • Fit your penis in the base ring.
  • Adjust the elongation bars.
  • Make sure that you have comfortably inserted the penile head in the head grip.
  • Adjust and pull the bands on the comfort straps to the right size for a snug and secure fit.

Start with the least duration of roughly an hour or so a day until you get used to the device and then try increasing this duration gradually to the recommended time-limit.

The TractionPLUS powder helps to create comfortable traction force during the process.

You can wear the device under loose clothes. It does not show much. You can wear it anytime during the day or even at night before you sleep.

Quick Tip

It is essential to warm up before fitting the device on. Soak a towel in warm water and apply it to the penis. This improves blood circulation and makes the penile skin soft. Let the warmth soak into the skin. It will help the penis retain enough blood to react when it’s being pulled by the extender.

Always use the Revita Cream after taking off the extender. It helps to sooth the muscles and aid in the regeneration of new cells.

Side Effects

SizeGenetics is a device that works externally and doesn’t require for you to ingest any chemical formulation. As long as you correctly follow the directions, you will have no side effects apart from the initial discomfort of getting used to the thing.

You are supposed to wear the extender for at least 3-5 hours daily for more than 6 months to get visible results.

I would suggest you to take a break for 1-2 days during the initial phase, as your member can become sore. Make sure that you adjust the elongation bar to fit your size.

Even though it will be an entire trial and error process, in the beginning, you will eventually be comfortable wearing it, as long as you persist through the initial days of discomfort.

What could have been better?

For starters, the price of the device is way higher than most other penile extenders or enhancement medication that is out there. However, since it is not a supplement, it will be a one-time investment, and to me, it was worth the money for the results it delivered.

It takes over 6 months to show results, which is a sheer test of patience. I wish it worked faster, but given the entire process of enlargement, the time taken is justified to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

SizeGenetics is a valid penis extender that has presented some amazing results to not just me but to all those who painstakingly tried the device out over a considerable period of time. Even though, the price seems to sear a hole in your pocket and it takes forever to work, the outcome appears to be nothing short of a miracle!

Written by Jason wallace

Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m 27-year-old gym trainer and fitness model.

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