Why You Can’t Find PhenQ at Walmart?

phenq walmart

When it comes to supplements and cutting compounds, Walmart is the 2nd most popular “brick and mortar” store after GNC in the USA. They’re leaders in the weight loss market and sell millions of products each year. They have 5000 stores in the USA and have a smaller network of shops elsewhere in the world.

With so many shops, it’s surprising when they don’t stock a particular product. A few months ago, I went in search of a new weight loss supplement I hadn’t tried yet – PhenQ.

My first trip to get hold of PhenQ, was to visit my local Walmart. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered they hadn’t even heard of PhenQ!

I had to find out why.

So Why No PhenQ?

This is one of the most popular questions people have about Walmart/GNC right now. For a shop that wants to “help our customers choose the products that best suit their exact requirements”, it’s a poor show! The staff at my local shop weren’t even aware that PhenQ was a product, perhaps they only train their staff to be experts on what’s instore.

No wonder more and more people are purchasing online these days!

To try and discover why Walmart doesn’t sell PhenQ, I first decided to email them directly to ask. Unfortunately, Walmart declined to comment on any specific brand being sold in their stores.

Once again, Walmart completely failed me! 🙁

I also tried to contact PhenQ directly, and got this reply.

“Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter. We currently sell PhenQ via our online shop only.

This allows us to keep price low and to offer our customers the very best customers service, something that might not happen away from our direct control.

We’re also proud to sell PhenQ worldwide, this is something that can only happen via our website. I hope that answers your question.

Please feel free to contact me further if you need assistance.”

Customer Support

Now we’re getting somewhere! By using the PhenQ website directly, you’ll get a better price and customer service. This is something I’ve noticed from health product companies over the past decade. It first started with e-cigarettes being sold “online only” and has spread to other parts of the industry.

With the way Walmart treated me during my PhenQ search, I can see why a manufacturer wouldn’t want to sell via them!

What About eBay and Amazon

This is another tricky area for PhenQ, as many sellers on both websites currently offer PhenQ for sale.

Unfortunately, there are some serious problems with purchasing PhenQ via eBay or Amazon.

  • There’s no customer service.
    You’ll be relying on an eBay seller or Amazon shop owner for support. Our findings showed that most Amazon / eBay shop owners don’t truly understand the products they’re selling.
  • PhenQ doesn’t take responsibility for products not sold on their website.
    When you purchase via an Amazon / eBay shop, you don’t have the guarantee of knowing exactly what you’ve purchased!
  • Fake reviews.
    Many Amazon sellers have taken to “fake reviews” to make their shops more profitable. This means that you cannot trust any shop’s rating or recent reviews. By purchasing online via the official website, you’re getting a guarantee of quality.

Ultimately, you won’t save money by purchasing via eBay or Amazon, plus you won’t be able to benefit from any guarantees or support.

Our advice? Stick with the official channels, the extra support and help you’ll get will be totally worth it in the long run. You’ll also know exactly what you’re taking too, something you can’t guarantee by purchasing through a third party.

My Experience

my experience with phenq

I’ve been using PhenQ for about 3 months now. I have always suffered with my weight since childhood and even though I eat healthily, I’ve never been truly slim.

What I can say about PhenQ, is that it’s made a difference to my weight.

  • I’ve lost about 20kg whilst taking PhenQ, following a healthy diet and exercise. Under normal conditions, I would probably struggle to lose 10kg.
  • I had more energy after a few weeks. I put that energy into extra exercise and gym visits.
  • I didn’t suffer from shakes or insomnia. Some fat burning supplements work by introducing caffeine into your body, with all the issues that might cause. PhenQ doesn’t do that.
  • Rock solid customer service. This is where the official online shop wins over eBay and Amazon vendors. You can ask questions about anything from diet advice to health and fitness, all the manufacturers of PhenQ want is to help you lose weight!

It’s worth mentioning, that I did everything to help the PhenQ. I take exercise daily, eat a very healthy diet and have cut a significant amount of sugar out. Even so, I’m pretty sure the PhenQ helped to take my weight loss to the next level!

How Long Did It Take to See Results?

my results

From my experience, it took a solid 2 months to really start dropping the weight off. It’s hard to describe, yet after 8 weeks it felt like my diet was kicking into a “turbo mode” – just around the point I would expect my weight loss to reach the annoying plateau phase!

With that In mind, you’ll have to commit to using the PhenQ for a good few months to get the results you want. I’m happy I stuck with the supplement after three months as it really has made a difference.

Is PhenQ Available Worldwide?

Yes, PhenQ is completely legal worldwide and can be shipped just about anywhere! The customer service department is also available via phone, email, and even social media – so wherever you are in the world you’ll be able to get help when you need it.


Can you buy phenq at walmart?

No, You can not buy phenq at walmart. It can only be bought either from the official website or from Amazon.

Is it safe to take phenq?

Yes, with more than 200,000 customers and hundreds of reviews published online. It is clear that phenq is safe.

Is phenq FDA approved?

Phenq is a dietary supplement, so it doesnot require FDA approval. You don’t have to visit a doctor to get prescription for phenq.

Can i take phenq with statin pill?

Yes, you can take phenq with statin pill. But it is always wise to consult a doctor before starting any new medication.

how much caffeine is in phenq?

One serving of phenq has 142.5mg of caffeine anhydrous which is made from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants.

Phenq Amazon, Phenq Walgreens

Written by Olivia

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m 28, and I am a dietician and nutritionist.

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