PhenQ eBay: Should You Buy Phenq From eBay?

Okay, so this is a bit twisted. Yes, PhenQ is available at eBay, no doubt on that, this link below will take you there:

And this one below is for the advana cleanse:

BUT HEAR ME OUT FIRST! If you are familiar with the original packaging of the PhenQ bottle then it will hit you for sure that the PhenQ bottles available at eBay have different packaging. I found this very peculiar as PhenQ is not available on any other pharmaceutical store or an online site.

However Ebay features it and that too with a different packaging? Why take the risk? The official website has caters to the needs of PhenQ users with proper Customer Care. I ordered my bottles from the official website only as it cancelled all the chances of getting a replica, besides its a matter of health. Who would want to risk it?

It was very convenient. I just went on the official website, fill in the simple details and ordered my bottles by availing the free shipping offer, the buy two get one free offer and also got an advana cleanse. Here’s the link to the site


phenq ebay
This is the real packaging I am sure you can see the difference

Manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, Phenq is a five in one pill which is highly effective for rapid weight loss and fat burn in a body with no side effects or negative impacts on the person’s health and only uses 100% natural ingredients to do the magic.

It’s not new to find ourselves struggling to put off those extra pounds. Nobody likes that jiggling body weight which makes us lose our confidence, gets us subjected to humiliation and kills those good vibes. PhenQ has proven to be a super successful weight loss dietary supplement. Since its launch in 2015, the testimonials and positive reviews have proved this.



These slimming pills constitute ingredients that assist the body to inhibit fat production,so that you stop gaining those extra pounds.


PhenQ initiates the process of thermogenesis inside the body which raises the temperature and meltys down fats.


These pills boost up the metabolism so that the body burns more calories by using more energy during digestion ultimately contributing to fat loss.


Binge eating is the major cause of gaining weight, it’s normal for people to be habitual of mindless snacking, we generally lack self control there. PhenQ becomes the life saver here as it has extracts of natural ingredients which suppress hunger feelings and makes us feel fuller for a longer period of time.


This is PhenQ’s distinctive feature, unlike all the other pills and weight loss diet plans, PhenQ helps you lose your extra weight without making you cranky and off mood. It does not let you fall into depression, fatigue and short-temperedness. It makes you feel high in energy instead. Due to the boost in metabolism, the phenq user feels active and alert rather than lies in the bed the entire day.


While there’s no mention of side effects from the supplements, there’s a chance of risks for

  • Pregnant women
  • Breast feeding women
  • Minor children
  • People with pre-existing health issues
  • Diabetics


A single bottle of PhenQ contains 60 pills. The dosage of PhenQ is easy, You should take two pills a day, one with your breakfast and one with your lunch.

However, avoid taking PhenQ after 3pm because it contains caffeine which might disturb one’s sleep pattern.

Also, users who are sensitive to caffeine are advised to avoid consuming beverages such as coffee which contain high caffeine content while taking PhenQ.

According to the manufacturer Wolfson Berg Ltd, PhenQ is safe for users to continue using for as long as they need.

According to testimonials and reviews of customers, most of them reach their goal weights and dream body within the first three months. Even after you achieve your goal weight you can continue taking it for maintenance, which itself is a struggle on its own.


The cost of PhenQ is:

  • One bottle – $69.95
  • Two bottles (one free bottle) – $139.90
  • Three bottles (two free bottles, plus one free bottle of Advana Cleanse) – $189.95

Money Back Guarantee, Refund Policy and Free shipping.

PhenQ has a 60 day money back guarantee.

When you return any unused PhenQ in its original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order you will get a full refund. Plus, it’s free shipping for most of the countries.

What Are People Saying About PhenQ?

A friend of mine suggested using dietary supplements for weight loss and sent me the link to PhenQ’s official site. I ordered it and to be honest i never thought that it would turn out to be so effective, the first two weeks were a bit disturbing because it majorly assessed my patience, but after the first month the results were amazingly impressive, all my side fat was gone. This PhenQ really is effective. –


I was only a college student when I crossed 170lbs, it got me very frustrated, and obviously the daily subjection to taunts was getting me depressed too. I had tried to stick to diet plans and practice workout moves but my body isn’t made for all this. I found PhenQ luckily, it helped me lose all my extra pounds in two months, although it did give me upset stomach aches in the first week, but then my body got used to it.


PhenQ really works and i’m glad that it has all 100% natural ingredients. I’m a Vegan so I have to rummage for supplements with natural constituents. PhenQ is effective for males and females both. After getting satisfying results for myself, I also bought two bottles for my wife and the pills started showing results within a month only.


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