PhenQ Amazon: Can You Buy Phenq at Amazon?

Well, Amazon does hold a huge variety of products, it has a category for every product, I myself am a regular customer of If someone told you that he had bought one of those popular PhenQ from Amazon, it’s possible that he’s telling the truth. I know, I know, you have surfed at amazon with high hopes but didn’t find it there. Yea, same here. Actually Amazon used to feature PhenQ by Wolfson Berg Limited but now I suppose they’re not.

But it’s okay, no need to stress out, i just got my bottles delivered last week from the official website it was super easy, just click on the link, fill up the basic details for delivery and get it free shipped to your place. They cater to their customers with a free guide and have special offers too. Pretty fancy. You can get your bottles too from there. checkout our Phenq Review


phenq amazon

PhenQ is a slimming diet supplement manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited. This weight loss supplement is capable of showing visible weight loss in your body while being the healthier alternative as it has no negative effects on your health. The breakthrough formula of this dietary supplement was designed by the blend of five powerful fat burn pills in one, to yield maximum outputs.

It uses 100% Natural ingredients and has been providing solution s for belly fat, muffin tops, bulgy thighs and arms and an overall obese body which sucks all the confidence out of you.


For more than 30 years, Wolfson Berg has successfully managed to keep its profile reputed amongst all the other competitors. They launched PhenQ in 2015 and the bulk positive reviews and testimonials have proved that this fat burner is their star product. After all, almost every other person is looking for a weight loss solution which would not cost them a fortune or their good health.

Wolfson Berg Limited has gained the trust of users by only making use of FDA approved facilities to manufacture their product.


  • Multi-functional pills
  • High-quality advanced formula
  • 100% natural (Vegan friendly)
  • Money Back guarantee
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


  • appetite suppressant
  • fat burn booster
  • fat cell formation prevention
  • Levels up energy
  • mood enhancer


  • Suppresses Appetite

The craving for junk and unhealthy food which leads to an appetite on which we have no self control is experienced by the majority of the people who are gaining weight. But no fear when PhenQ is here, This weight loss pill will suppress your appetite and help you tackle your carvings, leading to lesser consumption of calories.

  • Boosts Energy

Mostly diet programs cause you to starve and feel lethargic and lazy the whole day. It ruins your regular routine and you end up leaving your diet. However PhenQ functions to increase the energy levels, so that you feel more active and burn more calories.

  • Prevents Storage Of Body Fat By Thermogenisis

Thermogenesis is a process in which the body temperature rises and fat burns to the maximum. The rise in heat melts down all the stored stubborn fat continuously throughout your day, this happens because the increase in temperature boosts the metabolism of the body and generates the processes at a faster rate.

  • Reduces Fat Production

Fat production is drastically decreased by consuming phenq pills. It work to inhibit the process of producing fat inside the body, this fat is actually stored in your body’s fat places so that it could be utilized by your body for energy in emergency cases.

  • Blocks Fats

This amazing supplement contains a cactus extract that limits the amount of fat the body can digest. This goes with the Less fat fewer calories theory.

  • Enhances The Mood

PhenQ is mostly liked by the users due to its quality of mood enhancing. Unlike other diet suppressants, this pill does not have negative effects of depression, anxiety or mood swings. This saves you from crankiness, short temperedness and cyclothymia . Numerous testimonials given by PhenQ users are evident to this superb feature.


Each pill of PhenQ contains the following

  • α-LACYS RESET® (25 mg)
  • Nopal (20 mg)
  • Chromium Picolinate (10 mcg)
  • Capsicum Extract [From Capsimax] (8 mg)
  • Niacin Powder [From Capsimax] (4.5 mg)
  • Piperine Extract [From Capsimax] (3 mg)
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate (150 mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (142.5 mg)
  • Calcium Carbonate (1 mg)

The Most Important Active Ingredient in PhenQ


It is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid and cystine. Its not only the main ingredient, but the ingredient which makes PhenQ the ultimate game changer. α-Lacys Reset is a fat burner that improves muscle mass too. This means the user has no risk of muscle loss which is a major drawback of dieting. According to a study , a user lost 7.4% more fat than the placebo group while also increasing muscle mass by 3.8%.

Just a fun fact to know that A-LACYS RESET was originally created to prevent the cellular damage that results from oxidative stress but it surprised the makers with its extraordinary impacts on fat burning.


There are no known side effects, as mentioned before it is made in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the US and the UK.

However, WB ltd clearly states that like all diet pills this is not intended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding a child or for anyone under 18-years-old.

Plus, PhenQ is also unsuitable for diabetics, people under depression or certain other health conditions or people with any existing health issues , it is better if to talk to your doctor or medical practitioner first.


Only 2 pills everyday, one in the morning and one in the noon.

It contains Caffeine so consuming the pill during afternoon hours is likely to disturb your sleeping routine.

Customer Care

The pills come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Plus if you buy two bottles you get one free. There’s also free shipping for buyers. And the official website has made the ordering process very easy, all you have to do is fill in basic details and you get a guaranteed original product.

Phenq Walgreens, Phenq Walmart

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