Natural Male Enhancement Pills 2023: Reviewed and Ranked

Do you want to naturally and safely improve your sexual performance? Then natural male enhancement pills might just be the solution.

A performance enhancer can help you gain extra length and girth, get stronger erections, increase sexual stamina, and renew libido. But that’s not all.

Some of the best male enhancement supplements on the market can even help you fight back against erectile dysfunction. And the best part about it?

They are all made of 100% natural ingredients. This means they’re safe to use and you don’t have to worry about side effects.

You just have to know which pills to pick. And that’s where this article comes in.

Below, I’ll explain what male enhancement supplements are, and what male enhancement ingredients to look for.

To further help you decide what product is best for you I reviewed and ranked the top male enhancement pills of 2023.

Boost your sexual performance and regain control in the bedroom! Ready to have some fun?

What are natural male enhancement pills?

If you are new to male enhancement supplements you might wonder what they actually are. You might ask yourself: What are male enhancement pills?

So before revealing the best male enhancement product of 2023, I’ll give you a bit more information about what you can expect, so you can decide whether these supplements are right for you.

A male enhancement pill is a natural supplement formulated to boost your sexual performance. As such, these pills can provide loads of potential benefits.

Here are some of the most common enhancing benefits you can expect:

  • Get bigger, harder, and stronger erections
  • Improve sexual stamina and endurance
  • Experience more powerful orgasms
  • Boost libido and heighten sex drive
  • Increase confidence in the bedroom

That’s an impressive list of benefits! But how do they actually achieve all that? In other words, how do male enhancement pills work?

In short, they give your body the natural support it needs to boost your sexual performance.

You see, these supplements contain potent, scientifically-proven ingredients that support natural bodily functions. No illicit substances, nothing artificial.

Instead, just powerful herbs, vitamins, and minerals – I’ll explain some in more detail below – that are proven to enhance your sexual performance.

Because these products are all-natural, yet scientifically proven, they are a great and popular solution for men who want to boost their body in the bedroom.

They provide many of the benefits of prescription drugs like Viagra, but without the potential side effects. However, not all of these supplements are equally potent.

That’s why I decided to try out several male enhancement pills and review and rank them to see which are best.

Below, I’ll show you the top 2 best male enhancement pills on the market today. Let’s go!

The 2 best male enhancement products of 2023

So, what is the most effective male enhancement pill?

Based on my research there are two clear winners: Male Extra and Viasil.

I’ll explain in detail why these two came out on top and how they are unique in their own respect.

In short, Male Extra is the best male enhancement pill for all-round performance, while Viasil is the best supplement to more specifically help you fight back against erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra

Male Extra

You simply can’t go wrong with Male Extra. This supplement has been trusted by men across the world for years now, and when I tried it myself I could quickly see why (literally)!

You’ll experience bigger and stronger erections that last longer than before. You can also expect to feel a boost in sex drive, and your orgasms become incredibly intense and powerful.

What makes Male Extra unique is the special blend of ingredients, some of which are only found in Male Extra.

This means that no other product on the market contains these potent male enhancement ingredients.

It’s one of the main reasons why Male Extra is the most effective male enhancement pill on the market. All of these ingredients are backed by clinical research and proven to be effective.

The 7 powerful, 100% natural ingredients in Male Extra are:

  • Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid 500mg
  • L-Arginine HCL 600mg
  • Cordyceps 25mg
  • Zinc (as citrate) 14mg
  • Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 100mg
  • L-Methionine 100mg

Because five out of these seven ingredients are unique to Male Extra, you won’t find this potent combination of male enhancing ingredients in any other product on the market.

Male Extra is manufactured by Ssshh, an established name in the adult supplements industry. This means that when you buy from Male Extra you know your product meets the highest quality standards.

Other benefits include a massive 100-day money-back guarantee and free and discreet shipping.

Honestly, with Male Extra your body just performances so much better. It gives you the power you need to really take charge in the bedroom. It makes sex fun again!


Viasil 10 pills

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Then Viasil is the best choice for you.

Whereas Male Extra is really an all-round male enhancement pill, Viasil is designed to more specifically help men with erectile dysfunction and boost male potency.

As such, it provides a safe, natural, and side-effect free alternative to prescription drugs such as Viagra.

The fast-acting formula in Viasil helps you fight back against erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual performance.

You simply take it 30 minutes before sex and you’re ready for action!

You’ll experience more energy, increased stamina, and reawakened libido. Together with more powerful, rock-hard erections, you’ll be able to take back control in the bedroom!

The 100% natural, safe ingredients in Viasil are:

  • Epimedium brevicornum (a.k.a. Horny goat weed) 1000mg
  • Zinc 1.5mg
  • Actiful® (unique blend of Citrus Sinensis & pomegranate) 700mg
  • Ginkgo biloba 240mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 300mg
  • Panax ginseng root extract 400mg

All ingredients are backed by clinical studies, proving their efficacy.

Together they support your body’s natural blood flow and energy production, giving you and your penis the power and energy to get it up AND keep it up!

Other benefits of this powerful male potency pill include a free instant erection gel with selected packages, a 100-day money-back guarantee, and a dedicated customer support team for 24/7 discreet and professional support.

Male enhancement ingredients to look for

The best male enhancement pills all have one thing in common. They contain the best erection-boosting and libido-enhancing ingredients nature has to offer.

All male enhancement supplements in the list above are made of 100% natural

ingredients that are completely safe to use. That’s why you don’t have to worry about any side effects. The herbs and ingredients used in the products on this page are all proven to be effective and backed by clinical studies.

This is why natural male enhancement pills are such a popular alternative to prescription drugs because these supplements don’t contain any harmful ingredients.

However, it is important that you always thoroughly check the ingredients found in the supplement you are planning to buy.

You want to make sure the male enhancement pill is natural and doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. Neither should it contain fillers that don’t do anything for your body.

That’s why I decided to list a few of the best, natural and safe, male enhancement ingredients to look out for. I hope it helps you when you’re trying to decide if a supplement is right for you or not.

I reviewed the ingredients in the best male enhancement pills in the list above and they are all up to scratch and proven to be effective. Many of those ingredients you’ll find in the list below as well.

These ingredients can support your body in many different ways, and most of them contribute to general health and wellbeing as well.

However, the main male enhancing effects are to boost blood flow to your penis, stimulate sex drive, increase sexual energy and stamina, and raise testosterone levels.

Below, I don’t just describe what these ingredients are said to do, but I look at what science has to say about them to give you a well-researched overview of the best male enhancement ingredients. Let’s have a look!


Zinc is a so-called essential nutrient, which means that your body cannot naturally produce or store it itself.

This mineral is one of the most effective ingredients for male enhancement, but it does much more than that.

In fact, this nutrient is needed for loads of natural bodily processes, including healthy immune function, gene expression, DNA synthesis, wound healing, and enzymatic reactions (1).

Another important function of zinc is that it supports normal protein synthesis, which assists your body in maintaining healthy levels of male hormones (such as testosterone), which in turn can improve reproduction and fertility (2).


Another prime ingredient that’s found in the best male enhancement pills is pomegranate.

This fruit is not just packed with nitrate and polyphenols, but it can boost nitric

oxide production. Nitric oxide is particularly important in stimulating healthy blood flow and circulation.

As such, pomegranate supports cardiovascular health, and it has been shown in numerous studies to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol (3, 4, 5)

This is why studies have suggested that pomegranate may help treat erectile dysfunction (6).

Korean red ginseng

This root has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and it’s clear why.

Korean red ginseng extract – also known as Panax ginseng – poses numerous health benefits, including increased alertness and concentration, reduced feelings of anxiety, enhanced brain function, strengthened immune system, and reduced inflammation (7).

Another big benefit of Korean red ginseng is that it may help treat erectile dysfunction. In fact, multiple studies have shown its effectiveness as an alternative treatment (8, 9).

If you are specifically looking for a male potency formula to help you fight back against your erectile dysfunction, then Panax ginseng is an essential ingredient to look for.

Epimedium brevicornum

More commonly known as horny goat weed, this plant is packed with Icariin, which has been shown to inhibit the release of something called PDE5, which is a common cause of reduced blood flow (10).

Other health benefits include increased libido and sexual desire, reduced joint pain, and decreased mental and physical fatigue.


Cordyceps is a type of fungus that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, helping people treat illnesses, fatigue, signs of aging, and more (11).

In terms of male enhancement, it’s particularly effective as an aphrodisiac to boost male sex drive and libido.

Aside from that, studies have shown that cordyceps may restore impaired reproductive functions such as impotency and infertility (12).


Niacin, or vitamin B3, is one of the eight B vitamins. Niacin contributes to multiple bodily functions and processes and is deemed essential for normal human health.

This nutrient is known to help lower cholesterol, improve brain function, and reduce the symptoms of arthritis (13).

Furthermore, studies have shown that niacin can help men with erectile dysfunction. Niacin was proven to improve erectile function in patients suffering

from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and dyslipidemia (14).

Other natural male enhancement ingredients

The ingredients mentioned above are just a few of the most potent male enhancement ingredients you can find in supplements.

I found that all of the best male enhancement supplements mentioned in this article contain at least one of these ingredients.

Other well-known erection and libido-boosting ingredients to look for include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Methionine
  • Citrus sinensis

My best advice is to always make sure that you buy your male enhancement pills from a reputable company and that you make sure all ingredients are 100% natural.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Nevertheless, I can imagine you might still have a few unanswered questions.

Below, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions men have about male enhancement pills.

What is the most effective male enhancement pill?

The best male enhancement supplement is Male Extra.

This powerful supplement has been on the market for many years now and is trusted by men around the world to help them get bigger, harder erections and their best performance yet.

If you’re specifically looking for a supplement to help you fight back against erectile dysfunction then the next best pill on the list, Viasil, is your best option.

What is the best herb for male enhancement?

There are many different herbs and ingredients that improve male sexual function and performance. Some of the best male enhancement ingredients to look for are:

● Korean red ginseng (a.k.a. Panax ginseng)
● Epimedium brevicornum(a.k.a. Horny goat weed)
● Zinc
● Pomegranate

See the section about male enhancement ingredients further above in this article for more information.

What are the side effects of taking natural male enhancement pills?

None. Male enhancement pills are completely natural and safe to use. As such, they do not cause any side effects.

Do male enhancement pills work?

Yes! I have tried and reviewed many male enhancement supplements and I can promise you they do really work. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it.
The best male enhancement ingredients are all backed by a lot of scientific studies proving their effectiveness in boosting libido, enhancing erections, and improving sexual performance.

Conclusion: The best natural male enhancement supplement of 2023

Taking a male enhancement supplement can really change your life. It can help you naturally improve your erections, regain your sex drive, and enhance your sexual performance.

On top of that, these pills may even help you fight back against erectile dysfunction!

Why settle for a boring and dysfunctional sex life when you can take back control in the bedroom?

Whatever your personal goal, the best male enhancement pills mentioned in this article can all help you achieve it.

However, there can only be one winner, and after testing the supplements myself and fact-checking all the research behind it that winner is Male Extra.

Male Extra is definitely your number one male enhancement supplement.

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