D-bal Max Reviews: Scam or absolute gym glam?

We can collectively drool over or be stupendously envious of a stunningly ripped gym body that turns heads wherever it goes.

However, what many wouldn’t understand is the kind of hard work and the countless hours at the gym that goes into achieving it. And, it isn’t even the most challenging part, to begin with. Ever had to literally live on protein shakes and a salad diet, giving up on your favorite fries and wings?

Apart from crying yourself to sleep at night, gym trainers and fitness enthusiasts have to bear considerable pains to get a body that speaks for its dynamic self.

In these situations, most people are often tempted to opt for the easier way out by injecting themselves with harmful steroids. Not only do these steroids have obnoxious impacts on your health, but they are also banned substances that are paraded by drug dealers to rip you off your hard-earned buck completely.

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One of the popular health supplements that had secured rave reviews is the D-Bal Max that has had its fair share of controversies due to its name. This is because it is often confused with Dianabol, a banned steroid substance.

But, the ingredients and mechanism of the product tell a different story altogether.

Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m 27-year-old gym trainer and fitness model. And, today I’m going to tell you all about my experience with D Bal Max.

What is D Bal maxAbout D-Bal Max

D Bal Max is a scientifically formulated product that improves strength,  and helps the body to burn fat. It is strategically composed and developed to mimic the potent and powerful anabolic effects of Methandrostenolone or Dianabol, without possessing the harmful impacts of the steroid.

It is known to work in the same way as Dianabol does to provide you with the benefits of the steroid. But being a steroid-alternative, it won’t have the harmful effects of Dianabol, which makes it completely safe for use.

Product Ingredients

D Ball Max has a highly specialized formulation that has some amazing anabolic properties required for muscle growth and strengthening. It helps you to achieve swift and powerful results.


The essential ingredient in Dbal Max is 20-Hydroxyecdysterone that increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate content in the muscles.

ATP generates immense energy in the muscle cells. Although referred to as a “plant steroid,” it does not really fall in the steroid category but is as potent as one. It is also a testosterone booster that accelerates muscle growth and synthesis.

Leucine and Isoleucine

These branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) help in the biosynthesis of protein in the body. Luciene is the most effective component for muscle build-up. It builds muscles by activating a protein called mTOR in your body that increases protein synthesis. Even if the protein intake gets low, Luciene works effectively to bring out the desired results.

Isoleucine contributes to the acceleration of protein synthesis in your body and is the second-most important BCAA after Luciene. A combination of these two elements delivers brilliant results and a fascinating overall muscle build-up.

Whey Protein Complex

This is a byproduct of cheese production that is high in BCAAs. Whey protein complex possesses the ability to build and repair tissue after intense workout sessions. Since damage to the muscle fibers is a common factor while working out, more protein translates into faster build-up and regeneration in lesser amounts of time.

Whey protein complex is an essential pre-workout supplement as well and is the main constituent of any protein shake formula. It transfers all the essential amino acids right into your muscles to boost up muscle gain.

Take Your Workout To The Next Level (D bal Max)

My experience with the product

With a medical history of juvenile diabetes mellitus type 2 diagnosed at 25, it was anything but easy to become a fitness model and a gym trainer. Obesity caused by the condition lead to severe health problems that adversely impacted my social life.

Determined to turn things around, I began to intensely workout and physically train to get back into shape and achieve clarity and positivity in life.

Unfortunately, I realized that heavy training and workouts were building up an amount of pressure on my optic nerves and other delicate facial muscles. This was a consequence of my underlying health issues more than the workout regime itself. Nevertheless, I was forced to cut down on the hours and heavier exercises on the physician’s recommendations.

This, in turn, delayed the progress of my muscle growth and hampered the overall outcome.

Around this time I began experimenting with various health supplements, medications and protein shakes in the hope of accelerating my muscle growth. Disappointingly enough, most of the products turned out to be shams and scams that did nothing at all, and in one instance, gave me severe diarrhea.

It was around this time that I came across quite a few recommendations about D Bal Max on several fitness and gymming portals on the internet. But, honestly, I was pretty hesitant given the kind of steroid controversy the product had in the past.

After weighing the odds out and consulting with my physician about the ingredients, I decided to test the product out.

The pill bottle looks like a stick of dynamite that claims to give you an explosive and stunningly ripped body. A standard bottle of D Bal Max contains 30 capsules. I took one each morning before my workout regime, especially on days I was supposed to lift heavier weights.

I used the formula for 2 months. The results at the end of this time period were pretty awesome and noticeable. I felt stronger and could easily bench a lot more weight without being impacted by any mounting pressure anywhere.

My body looked nice and felt right, and I really did not have any reason to complain at all!

How does it claim to work?

The unique and cutting-edge formula of DBal Max works to give you effective and dynamic results. It follows 3 basic principles creating the perfect anabolic environment to provide you with lean and hard muscles.

  • It facilitates and accelerates protein synthesis that is fundamental for building and repairing muscle fibers.
  • It increases intra-muscular energy helping you to workout longer and harder, burning all the unwanted fat.
  • It increases your testosterone and growth hormone levels, providing your body with the ideal environment for muscle build-up.

How is D Bal Max different from Dianabol?

Dianabol is one of the most commonly stacked bulking steroid. It can give you an unusual rate of muscle growth within a minimal amount of time. But it comes with its substantial share of severely adverse impacts that can damage your mental, physical and sexual health.

D Bal, on the other hand, mimics the muscle-building, fat-burning and strengthening aspects of Dianabol without the harmful elements of the steroid.

But, given the number of constituents in the supplement, it cannot, in all possibility give you the same results as a steroid will, especially within a definite or restricted time period.

The whey protein complex is all good, but at 100 mg per serving, there is but little that it can achieve. That leaves us with 20-hydroxyecdysone. But the problem over here is we do not know how much it’s being used in the product. According to limited research in the field, 200 mg of 20-hydroxyecdysone per day is a good dose. But anything lesser than that may not have the kind of results you have been hoping for.

Thus, in all honesty, D Bal being a steroid-alternative cannot match up to the speed of a typical steroid under feasible conditions.

And, this should also be taken as the essential and fundamental point of difference between this supplement and Dianabol, to accept the former safely as a non-steroid formula.


Dbal Max comes with a 30-day supply of capsules in a dynamite-shaped bottle.

You can take one a day before working out for maximum results and high endurance.

It is most effective when coupled with lifting routines, as it tests muscle power and generates new muscle growth.

However, it is mandatory that you consult a physician before starting on this supplement and be informed of all that can trigger an allergic reaction in your body. Do not consume this product if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it.

Also, it is not recommended for anyone below 18 years of age.

Your Own Personal BodyBuilding Dynamite (D Bal)

Side Effects

It is manufactured and developed using 100% pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and in a cGMP certified, and FDA inspected facility. It won’t have any typical steroid side-effects, and there is little to worry about the ingredients if you aren’t allergic to them.

However, some known and possible complications due to overdosage of amino acids could cause bloating, diarrhea, headaches, nausea or abdominal pain.

This is not meant for women, children or people with liver complications.

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What could have been better?

Although the formula for the supplement is a great one, the packaging doesn’t give you the entire ingredient list or the amount of the constituents that are contained in the product. For instance, we can only assume that it provides 100 mg of whey protein per serving which is the required amount in a typical health supplement. This questions the reliability of the product.

D Bal Max wouldn’t give you a steroid-like fast muscle build-up and will take a considerable amount of time to show results. Hence, it is crucial for you to be patient with the product to get the desired outcome.

Author Review
DBal Max

Product Name: D Bal Max

Product Description: D Bal Max is a scientifically formulated product that improves strength,  and helps the body to burn fat. It is strategically composed and developed to mimic the potent and powerful anabolic effects of Methandrostenolone or Dianabol, without possessing the harmful impacts of the steroid.

Price: 68.95

Currency: USD

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Final Thoughts

In my opinion, D-Ball Max is a great alternative to Dianabol ( Methandrostenolone) that has shown some remarkable results. Although it can have some unwanted side-effects if you go overboard with the product, it will never give you the harmful complications of a typical steroid.

I still use D-Bal Max and have been greatly benefitted by it. If you’re looking for a valid gym supplement that will actually work rather than opting for the needle, then I totally recommend D-Ball Max for you.


  • Maximum Muscle
  • Maximum Strength
  • Maximum Performance


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