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Best Legal Steroids | A Complete Guide and Review

When people think of steroids, they usually think of shady drug dealers selling dangerous products in sweaty gym locker rooms.

The physical benefits of steroids are well known, the huge gains that can be obtained in incredibly small amounts of time are nothing short of miraculous. But as you probably already know, they are illegal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all of the benefits of steroids, without any of the danger or illegality?

First, let’s take a look at the top 3 issues concerning illegal steroids to see what we are dealing with here.

risks of using illegal steroids

Felony Charges

Let’s start with the most obvious and instant issue that comes with using illegal steroids. The second you make the awkward transaction with the shady drug dealer, you are now committing a felony. Steroids are a schedule three narcotic, this is the same category as cocaine. Don’t think that because steroids don’t make you high you will get off with a slap on the wrist. Police take steroids very, very seriously.

Side Effects

There is a whole host of well known, and proven side effects that are the result of anabolic steroid use. Some of the less damaging effects are things like baldness, impotence, and erectile dysfunction. Mood changes are almost inevitable and will transform even the mildest mannered accountant into a raging, violence loving maniac.

Some of the more severe side effects are things like liver failure, heart attacks, and cancer. (These are usually associated with long term usage, but it is not impossible for an infrequent user to fall ill.)

Drug Dealers

Anyone who has ever brought any kind of drugs will be able to tell you that drug dealers are not nice people. They make money by selling products that harm people. They are not your friend, you are their customer.

Steroids (just like any other drug) can be cut with all kinds of different chemicals to increase profits for the dealer. In fact, you are almost certain to get unpure steroids that have been cut with something – drug dealers do not care about anything more than money.

If you are lucky the steroids will be cut with “reasonably” safe substitutes – but every single day someone is admitted to the hospital because they have injected from a bad batch.

Of course, the flip side to all this is that illegal steroids do make you super strong. You will lift like you have never lifted before, and you will make gains faster than you ever thought possible…

There is no denying their effectiveness.

If only there was a way to get all of the benefits of steroids – without any of the side effects…

Well, as you might have guessed – there is a way. Legal steroids.

What Are Legal Steroids

crazy bulk review

Legal steroids can be openly purchased, carried, and used anywhere by anyone over the age of 18. They are not injected and are usually taken orally in pill form.

We are going to explain a little bit more about legal steroids by reviewing the pros and cons of one of the most popular and effective legal steroids – Crazy Bulk.

Crazy Bulk is a natural, and (most importantly) safe supplement that is designed to mimic the effects of pure anabolic steroids – without any of the negative side effects. Let’s look at the two main benefits of illegal steroids and see how crazy bulk compares.

Increased Strength And Stamina

increased stamina

This is the main benefit of illegal steroids, they allow you to lift like superman on a good day. We like to be totally honest with these reviews, and we want to point out that Crazy Bulk (or any legal steroid) will not be as transformative as illegal steroids. If you want the insane gains of anabolic steroids, you are going to have to risk your life, and risk jail.

But, don’t despair! Crazy Bulk does the exact same thing as anabolic steroids (just a little less effectively). With Crazy Bulk you will find yourself lifting much heavier weights than usual with incredible ease. Your stamina will also be increased dramatically, you will be ready for more reps at the end of each workout, instead of feeling ready to hit the showers.

How you deal with this is up to you, many Crazy Bulk users decide to smash out a few supermax sets to beat their body into submission. It’s a great way to end a gym session.

Decrease Recovery Time

recovery time

One of the other benefits of illegal steroids is that they allow you to recover from a work out very quickly. They will make you and your body ready to smash out a big gym session each day of the week.

Crazy Bulk does the same thing, but again – slightly less effectively. Your body will recover faster, and you will noticeably feel less sore than usual after a workout (all while lifting more weight than usual too).

Side Effects

side effects

Crazy bulk (like most legal steroids) has no negative side effects whatsoever. It is made from all natural ingredients which have been rigorously tested. This is the payoff you get for Crazy Bulk being slightly less effective than illegal steroids.

You get safety, legality, and complete peace of mind. You will sleep well knowing that you are giving your body what it wants to naturally increase strength – instead of artificially forcing it with chemicals.


Final words

While proofreading this article, I realized that I may have spoken a little bit too harshly about Crazy Bulk (and legal steroids in general). But in the interests of impartiality, I needed to let you guys know that you are not going to be getting the insane crazy god-like gains of illegal steroids.

But this being said, legal steroids are an excellent addition to anyone’s supplement regimen. You will notice the difference almost immediately. You will be lifting much heavier weights, in much higher quantities than before you started taking them.

It is really quite crazy that this much benefit has been obtained through purely natural ingredients.

Do we recommend them? Absolutely.

Legal steroids get the thumbs up from us, they are a totally safe way to give you and your body a natural boost every time you hit the gym.

Written by Alvenda

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