More than being impressed with the mind, this crazy stupid beautiful world is obsessed with appearances and physical performance. Little has it the time to understand the predicament called life that is filled with upheavals and disappointments, yet being so alluring at the same time.
It’s because we seldom understand the real state of things behind someone’s captivating appearance.

Hi, I’m Jason. I’m a 27-year-old fitness model and gym trainer.

I have been lucky enough to get a shot at pursuing my dreams and becoming my own role model in life.

However, it still takes quite an effort to say that I had to go through a nightmarish phase in life before I was able to turn things around for good.

Being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes mellitus type 2 at the age of 25 was undoubtedly one of the worst things to have happened to me till date. It not only affected my health in numerous terrible ways, but it also impacted the lives of those around me.

My condition lead to anomalies in my hormonal system. I was soon struggling with obesity and to make things even worse, I gradually developed erectile dysfunction that absolutely crushed my social life.

It was with an enormous amount of determination, several instances of trial and error, and guidance regarding certain potent medication and formulae, that I was finally able to set the balling rolling for success. And I never looked back since then.

And here’s my wish to give you the guidance that I was fortunate enough to secure by sheer stroke of luck.

About Alvenda

It is understandable that many would shy away from talking about such grave things. Because, more often than not, people with physical, especially, sexual complications are subjected to brutal mockery or insensitivity by a society that fails to understand the utter torture one has to live with during such situations.

And, this is why I have created my own fitness review website Alvenda that deals with the authenticity of many popular health supplements and gears that claim to give you the life you deserve.

I believe in bringing you nothing but a thoroughly tested first-hand experience with every product that I do review. This is why I take my time, going to a great extent to try each of these formulae to substantiate all of their claims.

Under the valuable and wise guidance of my senior trainer and trusted friend, Trevor, I have taken the first steps to realize my great desire of reaching out to all those who deserve nothing short of the best and the absolute truth.

What is its aim?

On Alvenda, I put up my experiences with several dietary supplements, nootropics, men’s health products and gym supplements that are famous to the point of being heralded as miraculous concoctions, claiming to improve your conditions within the blink of an eye.

Since the market is littered with gimmicks, shams, and unbelievable scams, it does not take one much time to fall into these traps. This mostly happens when people get at their wit’s end trying to find a solution to their problems. I know it because I too was in a similar state once.

Unfortunately, and concerningly enough, these gimmicks and fads may do more harm than do nothing at all.

What do you get?

Alvenda is my own endeavor to empathize with everyone who goes through such torment each day, desperately looking for ways to put an end to their nightmare.

My website deals with every information about the products, their ingredients, benefits, side effects and my own experience with them.

You will also find information about any hype or controversy surrounding any such product that you’re particularly interested to know about, as well as features that can make the formulae better.

In this way, I hope to contribute my opinions to the manufacturers so that they can improve on their existing plans to help more people each day!

So, why wait any longer? Check out Alvenda, right away because you deserve nothing but the best!

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